If you‘ve ever felt as if your efforts are not producing the results you desire, and the greatness that you know exist seems to go unnoticed... If you’ve felt as if you are doing all of the right things, but experiencing little results... In this course, you will learn how to make the necessary adjustments to see greater results in a short period of time.  You are one decision away from LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD.  ENROLL TODAY! 


You will learn

  • How to gain an advantage in every disadvantaged situation

  • How to adjust to the level of understanding of any room/environment

  • How to make your authentic thoughts and gifts relative strength for any activity

  • New concepts and strategies that allow you to create your new normal


You can accomplish anything. Nothing is impossible, and I want to help you to achieve the intangible. I will help you bridge the gap between the information you have, your understanding, and various social gaps.

There are things bigger than degrees, universities, or certificates that can become roadblocks on your road to success without the right tools and assistance. 

My goal is to help you bridge the gap between the accomplished and the aspiring.  

I am here to help you Level Set.  

The man who does many things will make many mistakes. The man who does few things will make few mistakes. The man who does nothing makes the biggest mistake of all…

Terrell Monger

When you enroll, you will receive

  • Hours of video training

  • Worksheets for each lesson

  • Access to 7 minutes of strategy videos

  • Lifetime access

What Others Are Saying

DJ Stephens

Professional Basketball Player, Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat

Terrell Monger, or Boss T as I call him, has been one of the key driving engines in my motivation and continued ambition over the years. Through some of my darkest times, he’s always had the right things to help me refocus and get things back on track.

Dr. Stanley Thompson

Regional Medical Director / 1st Black Chief of Staff at Baptist Hospital

Knowing Terrell Monger has been a God send. Experiencing his teachings and applying it to my daily life along with the knowledge of his formula has brought about a realization of my own dreams, visions, and goals.

Trae Elston

Professional Football Player, Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins

Terrell Monger is motivation in human form. You would think he would just inspire spiritually but after hearing him speak, I’m motivated to work harder on the field and in my personal life. We always compare him to Dr. Martin Luther King because of his selflessness and his visions for the community.


Stragetist| Author| Speaker

Monger’s study of human behavior and reactions to challenges has led him to become one of the nation’s most effective strategic communication experts. Monger believes there is no “cookie-cutter” way of addressing conflict, whether personal, professional, or internal. He believes that challenges should be rewarding and learning should be exciting. He has compiled his knowledge and insights on developing healthy thinking habits into highly motivational books that increase effectiveness both in casual social environments and in the pursuit of business aspirations. “The Art of Strategic Conversation” and “That’s Not My Fight” help readers to tailor the conversation to agreed-upon goals and identify when and where to apply productive energy.  His style of writing is entertaining and very informative.

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